Slow Pay, No Pay, Delayed Withdrawal Tactics

Let's assume that you have been playing at a casino that both doesn't use rigged software and only uses software that it has the right to use pursuant to the owner of the software, and now you have won! First of all, congratulations! Unfortunately, at many online casinos, winning is only half the battle...the easy half

Of these three things, delayed withdrawal tactics are the least of a player's concerns, but they are still deeply concerning. Instead of promptly paying a player, casinos that choose to engage in delayed withdrawal tactics will offer a myriad of excuses why payment has not been forthcoming. Other tactics that may be used include requesting information from the player that the player has already provided. For instance, a player (who has already faxed in a copy of his or her identification) might be informed that the faxed copy is blurry and asked to fax it three or four more times. Furthermore, such casinos might often choose to, ‘Duck,' the player resulting in the player having to go to great lengths to contact the casino, perhaps even complaining on, before the casino finally deigns to deal with them.

There are a number of other delayed withdrawal tactics that are far too plentiful and distasteful to warrant mention on this page, but if you wish to read about some, offers plenty of examples. The vast majority of casinos who engage in delayed withdrawal tactics have warnings indicated on their reviews or anywhere else on the site where they are mentioned. Some of them are blacklisted, but those blacklistings are usually for other reasons in addition to delayed withdrawal tactics.

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